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     I've used Addiscombe Cleaning Companies for one off cleaning a few times, and they are always very fast to respond and get to me quickly, normally the next day if it's urgent, which is great. The quality of the cleaning is always very high as well.
Gerry Ewen19/05/2020
     I could not have asked for a better cleaning job thanks to you guys!
Meghan V19/09/2019
     I can't fault any aspect of the cleaning service from Carpet Cleaning Addiscombe. It was an amazing job. I was expecting a quality job but not cleaning done to such a high standard.
Sheila S.09/10/2018
     My partner and I have used Addiscombe Cleaning Services for many years now and they have always been our top choice for any cleaning job we have. Their oven cleaning services are, in particular, very good! They do a much better job than I can do myself!
     I was so happy with my recent cleaning service I hired. I was fed up of not having enough time with the work and a family to care for. I hired AddiscombeCarpetCleaners to completely clean the house from top to bottom on one of their spring clean services. The work was done to an exceptionally high standard and the result was fantastic. I am going to use the firm on a regular weekly basis from now. The cost was very reasonable and the company was friendly and hard working.
Rosemarie C.24/11/2014
     I've had to book cleaners on an emergency basis before as I am a landlord and sometimes have apartments returned to me in a filthy state. Of all the end of tenancy cleaning providers I have used AddiscombeCarpetCleaners is by far the best. The work they do is very thorough and they are able to get through it all very quickly. Jobs that might take hours like cleaning the oven can be done in a very short space of time and they bring a lot of cleaning products with them so that they can do any other tricky tasks that need completing, I would certainly recommend them to others.
Ian T.05/11/2014
     We were ready to move out and we realised we had not lined anyone up to do our end of tenancy cleaning. We had no opportunity to do it ourselves as we had so much to deal with in terms of the new place so we called AddiscombeCarpetCleaners and got a price. It was good and so we left them to it. When we popped back the place looked amazing. Even better maybe than the first day that we moved in. We are now happy to hand over the keys to our landlord and confident that we will receive our much needed deposit back.
Roger D.09/10/2014
     I did not have much of a budget to begin with and I always thought hiring a home cleaning company would be very expensive, so imagine my surprise when I contacted AddiscombeCarpetCleaners for price quotes and found that they were well within my monthly budget. It might initially seem like an additional expense but nothing beats the satisfaction and convenience of having your house cleaned by professional cleaners. You can use all the time and energy you save on other projects or hobbies and live a fuller life, unrestrained by chores. Definitely encourage others to hire this service.
Mindi Miles19/09/2014
     The best cleaners I've hired in the last year came from this company. I have hired quite a few cleaners over the past year from different places just trying different companies out and some have been good and some have been terrible! But the cleaners I've received from AddiscombeCarpetCleaners have always turned up on time (which I think is important!) They have been professional in the way they do their job. I used to be a cleaner myself many moons back so I do have high standards! It's why this is only company I use now and plan on using from now on. Well done!
Daniela Howell13/08/2014
     As a salesman I was on the road a lot. When it came to time off the last thing I wanted to do was clean my home. It was only a small semi detached but I was too tired to clean it. My mum suggested a local firm called AddiscombeCarpetCleaners she had used once or twice for a deep clean. I called and booked a meeting with a staff member. We went over what I wanted doing and they booked a date. I had a complete overall first which took up most of the day but the results at the end were magnificent. The house looked bright and clean and smelt so fresh.
Randall Harland24/07/2014
     AddiscombeCarpetCleaners is a great solution for you if you have any issues keeping your home clean. I work a lot and I'm also a single parent, and any spare time I do get should be spent with my family - not scrubbing the floors! The professional cleaner I hired from this company has helped me to bond more with my little ones, and I no longer have to stress myself out worrying about the cleaning or trying to stick to a cleaning schedule. My cleaner's really friendly and the service is competitively priced. I love getting my house professionally cleaned!
Peter Stanmore08/07/2014
     I called AddiscombeCarpetCleaners for help because I needed them desperately. As a mechanic by trade and as a hobby, I'm always getting brining machines, tools, etc in the house and they create a lot of mess. Dust, dirt, spills, loose pieces and more get everywhere, leaving the house in a right tip. I had to fix everything and they were the only ones that could do it. Their cleaning team handled everything for me and made my abode look better than ever. I feel that I can work hard on my hobby without worrying about mess now because I know I can call them up and they will fix everything.
Tom Grady20/06/2014
     When I was looking for the right help with the cleaning of our home, I wanted to make sure that I found a company who were able to work really quickly. There's not much time in the schedule when it comes to sorting out the cleaning of the house, but thankfully AddiscombeCarpetCleaners made a big difference and were able to work in exactly the kind of timeframe I wanted. They are excellent purveyors of the cleaning trade and I can't remember a time when everything was this clean. If you're looking for the right help, this is the company.
Fred Scott04/06/2014
     If anyone out there needs a great cleaning service, then they would do very well to ensure that they get in touch with AddiscombeCarpetCleaners. I used them for the clean up after a party, after being given their name by a mate, and it was excellent. I found the staff to be nice to talk to, as well as very hard working, which was good, as they can sometimes be a bit stripy or silent. I will be using them again, and felt it worth recommending them to everyone one here, given how well it all went!
Lois Davis14/05/2014
     If you are wondering how you are going to get the place looking nice without much time, then I recommend calling up AddiscombeCarpetCleaners. They have always done an incredible job for me, and I am very happy to say that I will carry on using them for as long as I can, as they are great value for money. Whether it is a big job after a party, or a weekly once over that I need, they are always on hand to ensure that my house looks as perfect as I like it to, which is all I need really! Top marks, ten out of ten!
Albert F.29/04/2014
     I needed a quick and thorough house clean for a small party I was hosting at my house. With so much to organise I just didn't have the time to give my house the proper going-over that it needed, so I contacted AddiscombeCarpetCleaners. I ended up with a couple of very skilled cleaners who were more than professional and who were obviously very skilled at what they do. The service was incredibly fast and I couldn't find a single fault. My guests were very impressed at the state of the house and I had a huge weight off my mind! Thanks!

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